Below are a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What is a Razz?

The chance to win a card for a portion of the price

What is a shuffle?

It is a Random that determines the winner of a card, powered by Random.Org and also goes through SCA, the chance to win company

How do I send a request?

You must be approved by RazzCaster and a Pop-Up will show Submit a Card

What is a Request?

This is just another name to submit a Card to be Razzed

What are seats?

The number of people in a Razz!

How do I get my card?

The owner of the card will mail it to you

What is a Razzcaster?

A person who will random a card to 1 winner on top of the shuffle when finished the Random, powered by Random.Org and through SCA(the chance to win company) , Winner gets the Card!

How do I submit a request for a card?

A Razzcaster must approve the person to send in a card

Who do I contact with any questions?

Email contact@razzerz.com

How Long have Razzez been going on?

It depends on who you ask, but Razzez started about 2 and half years ago

Welcome, UserName will take you to dash board

This feature shows you every Razz and Scratch off's and many other features that enhances the users past History

How do I get into a Razz?

You can either pick a spot or buy a spot below shuffle to get you into a Razz

Where does the %10 go

Send payment to Razzcaster after you haved received money

I'm having trouble w/ Razz Casting

Just email contact@razzerz.com

What is a Requester?

A Requster is the same as a mod being able to RAZZ a card, this must be approved by each Razzcaster in own room

What are chances to win?

A chance to win is a scratch off to Win 10k

What does the sender of the card do?

once received paymets, send %10 to razzcaster email, then mail card to the winner after RAZZ is done


The dashboard lets you know 1)How many chances to win you have(scratch offs) 2)How many Razz'z you have been in and and how many you won 3)It gives an option that the card ran was mailed to you, and you can confirm


You can start private IM's with another Razzer or clicking on avatar/name

How to submit a card?

Must be added by Razzcaster, Title=Descirption, Seats = number of people in RAZZ, price= total price you want for the card

How do you take a good picture with a smart phone?

1) To ensure your card is straight up and down on your photo, hold your phone like a real camera, meaning horizontally. On a IPhone, the camera lens should be in one of the top corners to ensure your phone isn"t upside down 2) Utilize the auto focus feature. On most phones, tapping the screen on the area you wish to focus on works. You want potential customers to have clearest picture possible. 3) Use your hands to zoom in rather than using your phone to zoom in. This will maintain the quality of your image


Make sure you put the total you want for the card, not per price spot.

Best Browser

Google chrome is the best browser for the site right now!


Google Chrome works best for the site!!!


Pleas be fair on price and do comps, and look at condtion

Do you let People know if you live outside the U.S?

Yes, you need to let the person know before to make shippping covered

How fast do I need to ship?

Usually needs to ship wit on 3 days, if not let the owner know why(communication is the KEY)

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